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Why The Wealthy Queen Movement?

Teaching busy women how to create more financial and time freedom so that they can live their crazy, ridiculous, amazing, fun-filled WEALTHY life!

Wealthy Queen Steps To More Freedom

This is what we are living by and helping create for women.

  • Focus on tasks that help create wealth
  • Recurring revenue is KEY
  • Eliminate those nasty money blocks
  • Erase your debt
  • Diversify your revenue streams
  • Organize your life
  • Measure your progress

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Financial and Time Freedom Bootcamp


Day 1: Budgeting like a Boss

Day 2: Clear the Chaos

Day 3: Confident Boost

Day 4: OMG is that my bank account

Day 5: How to manifest everything you want


Hi, My Name is

Nellie Corriveau

Nellie helps women with phones and laptops build wealth while living their best life.

She can’t-stop-won’t-stop until more women are making more money. Even if that means she’s moving around in a pink wheelchair when she’s 90 (and still fabulous).

She may only be a morning person for the strong coffee and smiling faces during CEO time with clients, but she could sit and brainstorm with you all damn day!

Nellie works so she can travel more and buy all the cute clothes this world has to offer. She can effortlessly style you to feel as beautiful on the outside as you already are on the inside. #shamelessplug

She loves teaching all the fun and duplicable strategies that helped her make over six figures FAST, with very little childcare!

Her real name is Jenelle but that’s too long to type and isn’t as cool as “Nellie”, and she’s cool, so...

She messes up her speech and has typos all the time in emails and posts. (Hey, you don’t have to be smart or perfect to make really good money.)

She hates laundry and dishes, loves organizing and moving furniture around, and watches way too much Netflix on the weekends.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and will say she loves you from day one, while dropping f-bombs whenever you hang out, so if that’s not your thing she’s probably not for you, so fuck off.

She might drive her team crazy with all her ideas and Red Bull-type action, but they keep showing up. (Maybe they are staying for that seven-figure Hawaii trip...I would. I mean, Nellie would.)

She never thought she would like Brussel sprouts but then she kicked her health and fitness game up (#quarantinebod) and is learning to coexist with veggies again. Except on Taco Tuesday, because #tacos.

She wrote this whole thing in the third person to try to be a little professional but it’s really me...

So If you think we can be friends, say hi!

Hi, My Name is

Nellie Corriveau

Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience raising millions of dollars for a children’s charity and growing a multi-six-figure online brand with a baby, I can speed up the money-making process for YOU.  With my high energy and no-nonsense on-the-go coaching, it is the perfect recipe to help busy women (like you) break through the bullshit holding you back so that you can finally live the life on your vision board..



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I teach busy women (like you) how to make money online doing what they love without being salesy, sacrificing themselves or their family.


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Airielle Dotson

Hi, I’m Airielle, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Core Legacy, a nonprofit focused on educating and empowering young men and women who have experienced childhood trauma.

I’m also the Owner of Marvelous Nonprofit Consulting, LLC.

My life changed when I started Core Legacy in 2019, I realized the journey I was on was so rewarding but so lonely at times. I’ve since met so many other nonprofit leaders who are striving to make a difference in their communities and I’ve learned that what makes this journey not lonely, is connecting with others who have the same passion as you.

I love having an excuse to go out for coffee, lunch, or drinks to relax, enjoy time with friends, and eat yummy food. My favorite part of the business is using it as an excuse to meet new people and learn new and exciting things. It is impossible to fail if you’re having fun and meeting incredible humans in the process.


I am an Air Force veteran, a published author, candle creator, vegetarian, and social justice advocate.

My formal education and professional work surround criminal justice as it relates to the mental health and addiction services sector. I'm a graduate of Columbus State Community college and a Junior in Criminal Justice at The University of Cincinnati. I love cooking, crafting, creating, literature, travel, and all things adventure. I enjoy most, spending time with my partner Richard, our cats Piper and Parker, my family and friends.

I'm a huge advocate for mental health services and awareness. In fact, my education and professional career have directly supported those who are the most vulnerable to this in our community. I love the work I do, it's extremely rewarding. When COVID-19 forced me to work from home, I lost out on that daily interaction and connection that allowed me to serve and help others. I began candle-making as a hobby while quarantined at home, then realized the impact it could have on my own local community.

Personally, I suffered from abuse as a child. Part of that involved being kept in places where I couldn’t see outside or see daylight. So when I left that place, for years I had a lot of anxiety being anywhere I couldn’t see natural light or see outside. It doesn’t impact me in that way so much anymore, but one thing that made me feel better about darkness after that, especially at night, was candles. It made me feel safer and it helped ground me. Fragrances have the unique ability to help your mind associate with positive experiences. Candles have been something that comforts me. That’s why I consider it vital to make a quality product that people enjoy the impact of having in their homes. It’s more than a product, it’s an experience. It has the potential to make your day better, even when you’re going through something that’s difficult.

Ashley Michelle

Hi, I’m A.Michelle, also lovingly known as Ashley.

I am a videographer and vision strategist.

I use my creative skills to interpret my client's vision for themselves and their brand into video. With an MBA- Marketing degree, I also provide strong marketing strategy support along with endless creative guidance.

Coming from a single-parent home in a trailer park in NE Kentucky to being my own boss, I understand the journey and its tests along the way.

My ultimate dream is to have the ability to provide financial opportunities to women across the world so they too can build the life of their dreams.

Brittany Bowman

Hey there! Brittany Bowman here. I am the owner of Clutter HQ where I help women simplify their businesses, homes, and schedules so they can create a life they love!

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing I've positively impacted someone's life and helped them find lasting joy.

When I'm not working, I'm raising two amazing kiddos, Hank & Cora Mae, watching Frasier, drinking coffee, eating chicken wings, and being grateful for my incredibly patient husband.

Grab my free decluttering checklist below!

Brittany Dixon

Hi! I am Brittany Dixon, of Brittany & Co.

I am a Podcaster, Business Strategist and Productivity Coach.

I help highly driven creative entrepreneurs implement Self Care, Back End Business Organization, Systems and Accountability into their business. I specialize in helping my clients and students manage the day to day of their business by Working Smarter Not Harder. Business owners didn't start a business to run a business, but operations are essential to growth. I help to document and refine their business processes to allow the business to run more efficiently and grow! Efficiency = Scalability!

I am a mother of twin girls Kenna and Layla, and a #dogmom. I live outside of Columbus, Ohio - OH! And love all things boujee! Charcuterie boards, board games, wine, coffee, and ANY sweets. I decorate cakes in my spare time and go on more camping trips than I can count. Learn more below.

Emily Thomas

Hi! I’m Em, the owner of Em Christine Photos.

I support women uplevel their business with photos that tell their authentic story. I love making them feel magical enough to show up as the face of their business.

When I was a teenager, I received a Kodak digital camera as a gift, and from that moment, a passion was born. What started as a hobby, snapping candid shots of friends and family, has grown into a purpose: photographing the best moments of life!

Today, you’ll always find me with a camera in my hand! Raising my beautiful daughter, Lily always comes first. When I am not with the kiddo, I love watching a good sunrise or sunset, soaking in all the colors of the sky is so peaceful. I love being able to share a glimpse of life across time creating keepsakes for years to come. Bringing out the bright, crisp colors of a sunflower on a warm summer day.

Crissy Conner

Hi, I’m Crissy, a social media strategist, visibility expert and founder of Visible, the inner circle of entrepreneurs ready to consistently increase their impact, influence, relationships, and growth to become unforgettable to their audience.

I began as a behind-the-scenes introverted ran agency to support clients with full-service social media and quickly turned into coaching others to break up with their comfort zones to get on video and become the face of their business. As The Visibility Queen, I run free workshops, bootcamps and love pouring into my membership OMNI and coaching to guide entrepreneurs to market their business the right way.

I’m on a 365-day uncomfortable journey and pushed myself to do things like "200 lives in July," diversified my marketing and being on multiple platforms all while doing the same things I ask of my audience.

My expertise revolves around organic/paid social media and strategy, marketing diversification, content creation and creating systems to explode your visibility to work smarter not harder. I work with a wide range of aspiring side hustlers, six and seven-figure brands all wanting to create an impact.

I am also the co-host of Queen Con, the female business conference and The Social Media, Sales, Sex & Why You Don't Suck Podcast.

Jaclyn Beck

Jaclyn Beck is your go-to gal for accessible, relatable, and absolutely relentless self-care.

Whether it's getting your business to a place that feels manageable and releasing yourself from the overwhelm by taking nagging tasks off your plate or getting your personal life in order and developing a healthy and sustainable self care practice that *actually* helps in the long run. It is her mission to make self-care accessible to every person, to honor everyone where they are, and to remind you that wherever you are in life- you are capable, worthy, and loved.

Heather Moran

Hey there, my name is Heather Moran, and I am a brand photographer who helps female entrepreneurs create impact and make more money in their business by helping them be more visible online with fun luxury photos. Photos have so much power and can help us be everywhere online we want to be without feeling like we have to be “on” all the time.

I earned my BFA in Fine Art Photography from The Ohio State University in 2014 and feel so blessed that I get to bring that education to my work every day. I am great at capturing real emotions and making people feel comfortable both in real life and especially in front of the camera. I went full-time in my business in 2019 because I was consistent and confident in building my brand with my own photos. Despite some of my own insecurities and nerves, I made sure to do what I ask my clients to do and put myself out there. It has made all the difference.

I’m based in Columbus, Ohio with my husband Kyle, our cat Gabby, and our dog Ranger. I love to watch college football (Go Bucks!) and my favorite NFL teams. I believe in having fun, real authenticity to grow your brand. I love a good cup of coffee, a nice glass of wine or hard seltzer, and sparkly things. My favorite color is red and I love a bold lip to make me feel sassy.

I believe in empowering other women to follow their dreams. I’m a fierce supporter of other women and cheer them on to follow their dreams and make them a reality. I love working with women who are driven and passionate about what they do. I support women who are nervous to get in front of the camera and the women who love to be in front of the camera. Working with me is a total experience and my superpower is getting you to relax and have fun during our time together. I’m looking forward to supporting you in yours.

Lindsay Dunlap

Lindsay Dunlap is a life and leadership coach based outside of Columbus, OH.

As life kept handing Lindsay and her family challenge after challenge, she continued to find ways to push forward with purpose and intention. She now uses her experience and her training as a certified professional coach to support ambitious businesswomen to stay focused on their goals even when life keeps getting in the way.

As a core energy coach, Lindsay guides her clients away from the outside story to focus on how they are responding to it.

When Lindsay is not supporting her clients she is busy running her son, Logan, and daughter, Addison to all their practices and supporting her husband on the farm.

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